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Weekend Break In Mui Ne


Mui Ne is a coastal resort town which is close to the city of Phan Thiet (200km from HCMC). The formerly little-inhabited beach town has seen some serious development since 1995, it is now a string of resorts, expanding in number every year. Mui Ne is known as “Moscow of Vietnam” as the town is very popular with Russian package tour tourists. In recent years, with the decline of the Russian Ruble, Russian tourist numbers have dropped.

With a driving distance of about 4-5 hours by bus or by train, Mui Ne is famous for its wind and kite surfing, and is a practical weekend getaway for those craving the ocean and some outdoor activities.

Where to go?

RED SAND DUNES: as the name suggests, features reddish-brown sand that makes them a more popular place for photography. The dunes are about 50ha (1/2km²) of open sand on a hillside with ten-meter undulations, Sand-sledding is a common (and fun) activity here.



Undoubtedly more pristine and breathtaking than the Red Sand Dunes, the White Sand Dunes is also less accessible. It is an hour drive from the centre of Mui Ne.


The white dunes are the more impressive, the near-constant oceanic winds sculpting the sands into wonderful Saharaesque formations.

FAIRY STREAM is one of Mui Ne’s main attractions, alongside the Red and White Sand Dunes.

It is a little river that winds its way through bamboo forests, boulders and the dunes behind the village, in parts resembling a miniature version of the Grand Canyon. The water stream of Suoi Tien has the red color from the sunlight and from the red sand in the bottom of the stream



Located about 25 kilometers North of the resort area on the way to White Sand Dunes. It is a little remarkable at first glance, the place you can not even notice, driving past him on the highway. From the road it is similar only to a small crack in the ground, but if you go down to the bottom, its scale is impressive. The canyon stretches out to 2 kilometers, and theoretically, on its bottom could reach the shore.



Mui Ne Fishing Village is 7 km north of Mui Ne Town. The village offers swaying palm trees and hundred of boats mooring on the water. The best time to visit Mui Ne Fishing Village is in early morning or in late afternoon.



Located on the untouched bay of Mui Ne, just a short distance away from Phan Thiet, SeaLinks has the advantages that other famous Links Golf Courses in the world do not have; that is the warm climate all year round. The average temperature is 27°C and dry for most of the year. The world level complex includes a 18-hole world class golf course which has been described by golf specialists and leading golf writers as one of the most challenging links style golf courses in Asia.

sealink golf

Built on a cliff and sandy dunes at the elevation of 60 metres above sea level, the course offers simply breathtaking countryside and amazing views of miles and miles of gently sloping sandy beaches below.

Palm trees, white sand beaches, impressive sand dunes, interesting fishing village, great seafood and a range of hotel options make it a great weekend away from the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City. Leave your worries behind and relax with a beach break at Mui Ne in Phan Thiet.

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