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Designed by golf legend Sir Nick Faldo, Royal Long An Golf & Villas has completed Phase 1 with 18 international standard holes. It not only provides a sense of tranquility from the stunning natural scenery but also meets all the competitive standards and presents various challenges, serving as an inspiration for athletes to excel in tournaments.

Royal Long An Golf & Villas: An Exhilarating Experience with Impressive Greens
Royal Long An Golf & Villas: An Exhilarating Experience with Impressive Greens

Located in Binh Hoa Nam commune, Duc Hue district, Long An province, Royal Long An Golf & Villas is approximately 50km away from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, with a travel time of about 1 hour and 30 minutes. The convenient location allows golfers easy access to and enjoyment of the golf course.
Address: National Highway N2, Binh Hoa Nam commune, Duc Hue district, Long An province.

Royal Long An Golf features a total of 27 holes, with construction starting in early 2018. Currently, the course is operating with 18 holes, and the full 27-hole course is expected to be open by the end of July 2023. This golf course is a masterpiece by Faldo Design, owned by golf legend Sir Nick Faldo. With a combination of diverse terrain and challenging greens, Royal Long An Golf offers a unique and captivating experience for golfers.

The course has notable features worth mentioning. The tee-off areas are impressively designed with yellow grass, creating a distinct and unique visual appeal. The greens have smooth surfaces and consistent rolling speeds, providing a great feel for players. Hole number 4 is considered the most impressive green, with an area of up to 1,771m2, offering exciting challenges for golfers.

In addition to its stunning design, Royal Long An Golf is equipped with several notable amenities. The clubhouse spans nearly 3000m2 and boasts a modern design, offering upscale facilities. The locker area is well-equipped with massage chairs, hot tubs, and other amenities for golfers to relax after each game. The Proshop provides golf products and accessories from renowned brands worldwide, catering to the shopping needs of golfers. The on-site restaurant offers a diverse menu featuring famous dishes from various culinary traditions, along with a small, elegant bar. Furthermore, the golf course has a hotel with 32 modern guest rooms, catering to the accommodation needs of golfers.

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