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Discovering a New Cave in Quang Binh – Son Nu Cave


Son Nu Cave, recently discovered in Diu Do village, Truong Son commune, Quang Ninh district, Quang Binh province, is a stunning and unique cave nestled in the ancient forest. This cave has captured the interest of many young explorers eager to uncover its wonders.

The pristine beauty of Son Nu Cave
The pristine beauty of Son Nu Cave

The cave stretches over 1.5 kilometers and features an entrance towering approximately 30 meters high. Inside the cave, stunning stalactites form peculiar and distinctive architectural structures. Particularly enchanting are the sparkling formations that cascade down like shimmering curtains whenever light shines upon them. In certain sections, white stalactites flow down like giant, delicate silk veils, creating a captivating and mesmerizing scenery.

During the summer, the water level inside the cave is relatively low, allowing locals to paddle rubber boats from the entrance to the end of the cave in just over an hour. From there, they can continue their exploration to Khe May stream, surrounded by majestic pristine forests. Currently, the cave is temporarily named Son Nu based on the proposal of the local people.

Inside the cave, there are magnificent stalactites.
Inside the cave, there are magnificent stalactites.

As described by the locals, to reach Son Nu Cave, you need to walk approximately 1.5 kilometers from the center of the commune into Diu Do village, branching off from the western side of Ho Chi Minh Road. Afterward, you will have to overcome a sharp, jagged rocky mountain, which takes about an hour. At the foot of the mountain lies a stream with stunning scenery, namely Chà Rào and Chà Cùng streams.

Notably, at the end of the road leading to Diu Do village, you will encounter the magnificent Chà Rào and Chà Cùng streams, showcasing breathtaking landscapes. Currently, Quang Binh Province is conducting a pilot project for community-based ecotourism in this area.

Therefore, the People’s Committee of Truong Son commune is in the process of reporting and seeking permission to include this new cave in the development plan for community tourism, transforming the scenic Truong Son mountainous forests into an attractive destination for visitors.

Son Nu Cave
Son Nu Cave

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FLC Quang Binh Golf Links

FLC Quang Binh Golf Links is a beautiful golf course located within the tourist complex in Quang Binh Province. With its professional design and convenient location, this golf course offers golfers and visitors an opportunity to challenge themselves while enjoying the magnificent natural beauty.

FLC Quang Binh Golf Course - The largest golf course in Southeast Asia
FLC Quang Binh Golf Links – The largest golf course in Southeast Asia

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