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Regulations On Golf Attire That Every Golfer Should Know


Golf attire is an important part of creating a style and honoring the beauty of this sport. To help golfers feel comfortable and confident when playing golf, in addition to general regulations on golf attire, there are also some other principles and considerations that golfers should know.

Principles of golf attire:

Attire should be comfortable, flexible, and not hinder golf movements. Attire should be respectful, appropriate for the golf course environment, and not too young, revealing or flashy.

General regulations on golf attire:

  • Polo shirts are the official attire of golf and should be worn when entering the course.
  • Bermuda shorts or slacks are the best choice for both male and female golfers.
  • Golf shoes should have rubber soles, be non-slip, and have good sweat absorption.
  • Golf hats or caps are also essential to protect the head from the sun.

For male golfers:

  • Polo shirts are recommended and can be combined with a sport jacket in cold weather.
  • Khaki pants or Bermuda shorts are a popular choice.
  • Golf shoes for men usually have a classic style, dark colors, and no graphics or patterns.
Acceptable Dress Code
Unacceptable Dress Code

For female golfers:

  • Polo shirts or collared t-shirts are recommended, and can be combined with a sport jacket or sweater in cold weather.
  • Khaki pants or Bermuda shorts are the best choice, but golf skirts can also be chosen.
  • Golf shoes for women are usually more diverse in style, and can be made of leather or fabric.
Acceptable Dress Code
Acceptable Dress Code

Color coordination:

  • When coordinating colors, choose neutral colors that are not too bright or flashy, such as black, white, gray, brown, navy blue, or forest green.
  • Bright colors such as red, orange, yellow, purple, and blue can also be used, but need to be harmoniously coordinated and not too eye-catching.
  • Avoid being too uniform in color coordination and create a unique and personal style for yourself.

Other notes on golf attire that golfers should know to feel comfortable and confident when playing golf:

  • Attire should meet the requirements of comfort and flexibility in golf movements. Choosing materials such as cotton, polyester, spandex, nylon, etc. that can absorb sweat and stretch well will help golfers feel more comfortable when playing golf.
  • When choosing a polo shirt, choose one with a collar, short sleeves, and not too tight. A tight polo shirt will cause discomfort and restrict movement when playing golf.
  • Golf attire should be appropriate for the golf course environment, respectful, and not too flashy, revealing, or too young. Respecting the environment and creating a sense of professionalism will help increase the golfer’s professionalism.
  • When coordinating attire colors, choose harmonious and not too uniform colors. If choosing pants and shirts of the same color, choose neutral colors such as black, gray, white, brown, or navy blue.
  • When playing golf, accessories such as golf gloves, towels, and golf bags should be used. These accessories not only help enhance aesthetics but also protect the golfer’s body and belongings.

If you are still unsure about golf attire, refer to the attire of professional golfers or ask for opinions from experienced golfers. The advice of experienced people will help golfers choose appropriate attire and create their own style on the golf course.

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