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Tam Dao And Specialities


Tam Dao is not only famous for Tam Dao Golf Course -The Most Spectacular View Golf Course of Vietnam but also famous for delicious specialities.

Specialities can’t be missed in Tam Dao

Tam Dao chayote

Chayote is the speciality of Tam Dao. Because of cool climate, chayote here are planted well and has its own taste which is different from anywhere. Chayote top can be boiled and eat with lemon fish sauce, soy sauce or fried with garlic and beef. The chayote is like the areca, boil carefully and eat with sesame and salt or chop thinly or shave it off to fry or cook soup. Chayote is delicious, flaccid but crunchy, naturally fresh.

Tam Dao pork

Tam Dao pork is a dish that can’t be ignore when visiting Tam Dao. It is wild boar so the meat is very toned. The wild boar is processed to be many dishes like: steamed, grilled, stir-fried… the pork pieces are thin and chewy, not very lean and not very fat. The more you chew, the better it taste.

Tam Dao hill chicken

Tam Dao hill chicken has black or red feather, yellow legs, red crest and naturally farmed on the hill so the meat is very toned and tasty. you can make many dishes like: boiled chicken, fried, grilled chicken, chicken fried with salt or ginger, chicken hot pot…

Beef bitten by ants

Is a strange and unique food of Tam Dao, hot new veal, chopped into pieces and hang them next to ants’ nest on the tree. Poking at the ants’ nest till they get angry and burst out to cover the beef meat. Then bring the meat piece to wash away and grill over charcoal fire until it is undercooked to have good taste. It will be more delicious if you drink with wine.

Stream goby + sturgeon

Stream goby is just as big as two fingers and have a delicious taste. Stream goby is processed to be: grilled, fried or cooked with soy sauce. Or enjoying sturgeon which is the speciality of Tam Dao, this kind of fish is very nutrious and chewy. You can make dishes from this fish: sturgeon soup, sturgeon salad, steamed sturgeon, sturgeon grilled with peppers and salt…

Tam Dao bamboo sprout

Tam Dao bamboo sprout is just as big as the gripe of a sickle. Peeling off the skin, boiling and then eating with shrimp sauce, lemon and pepper. Tam Dao mushroom is also very delicious and nutrious.

Tam Dao Banh Tro (ash cake)

Banh Tro is made from sticky rice, pure ash water of soybean’s skin and dried bamboo shoots. What makes this cake special is that it doesn’t have core but it will be delicious and fresh when eating with honey.

Tam Dao rolled cake

Tam Dao Chit wine

This kind of wine is the famous speciality of Tam Dao which has yellow color and very nutrious and good for men.

These are some pieces of advice of Tam Dao specialities. UniGolf hope customers have an interesting golf tourism to Tam Dao.

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