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How To Choose Your Best Ball


The basic game involves using a variety of clubs to drive a small ball. But Golf balls are designed very diffirently, some are very simple, some are more complex. we would like to explain the basics as follows


At the beginning of the golf history, golf balls had irregular weights. But nowadays, the weights has become standarized, golf ball are ranking between 41-47 grams, including those being produced still in the 1970s. The averge weight would be arround 45gr.

One exception is the Cayman ball. In the 1980s, the pro golfer Jack Nicklaus asked the Macgregor Golf Company to design a new golf ball that suit his new small-designed course on Grand Cayman Island. The golf company designed a golf ball which is the same size as a standard ball. But the weight of the new ball is just approximately 24 grams, compared to the average 45 grams of a traditional ball. It restrict the distance to more than half the distance of a golf ball with a fast swing and a greater perentage with a slower swing.


Seen with the eyes of an ordinary golfer sizes of golf balls have hardly changed throughout the ages. There have always been two sizes used in the recent years, 1.62 inch (4,11cm) was used commonly before the 1980s. While now the size of 1.68 inches (4,27) was standard. In the tournaments, there is only the standard size of 1.68 inches allowed.

And How do you test a golf ball? The required size for a golf ball to pass this part of testing states the ball must have a diameter of at least 1.680 inches. Hold the ring gauge in a horizontal position and place the selected ball in the ring gauge. Observe if the ball passes through the ring gauge with no external forces applied.  If a ball falls through the ring gauge more than 25% of the time when tested on the ball track, then that particular ball fails the size test.


The ball must also have the basic properties of a spherically symmetrical ball, generally meaning that the ball itself must be spherical and must have a symmetrical arrangement of dimples on its surface.  This symmetrical design helped the ball self-adjust its spin axis during the flight.


How fast does a golf ball travel? There are many things impact and many ways to measuse the speed of a golf ball. Initial velocity have a great impact on the distance the ball will travel. There is a formal test procedure carried out on equipment approved by the USGA to check that golf balls meet the Initial Velocity specification. The intent of this Rule is to limit the speed of the ball off the clubface.


For many golfers, distance off the tee is one of the most important aspects of the game. There are many factors that affect your tee shots flight distance and roll such as swing speed, release, club flex and club head size all affect your tee shots flight distance and roll. This area of the test was designed to state the limitations of the overall distance (including the roll) that a ball can travel in specific circumstances. The overall distance was recently changed from 296.8 yards (including a 5.6 yard tolerance) to 320 yards (including a 3 yard rolling tolerance).

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