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12 Golden Tips For A Healthy Golf Game


Golf is an excellent challenge, physically as well as mentally, and it’s also a great social activity. Golf provides a stimulating mental challenge combined with a healthy walk in pleasant surroundings and can be played by people of all abilities and ages. It may be a casual pastime or a competitive activity. But if we don’t prepare the golfer can suffer frequent and sometimes serious injuries that can land you in the gallery watching instead of playing. To learn how to stay safe on the golf course, follow 12 golden tips.

1. Walk on the golf course whenever possible. Walkingis good for your health, for the course’s health and good for the game’s health as you’ll have a lot of time to think about your next shots.

2. Do warm-up before your game. Stretching will help to reduce the risk of injury that so many golfers must endure.

3. Use sun cream for protection from the sun. There’re many kind of suncreams specifically designed for golfers. Go to the dermatologistevery 3 months to get your skin checked.  Sun glasses and golf hat are essential accessories from fairway to green.

4. Drink waterwhile playing golf and lots of it! Sports drinks with electrolytes are good but make sure the sugar content is low because sugar needs water to process.

5. Do not smoke on the golf course.

6. Do exercise at least 30 minutes per day. Strengthen back, stomach, and legmuscles to prevent back pain.

7. Getto the shelter before the storm arrives. A course generally is an open area with scattered individual trees which make more dangerous place during a thunderstorm. They are made more dangerous as golfers play their game with metal golf clubs.

8. Go to hospital for annual physical examination and testing to detect disease or a risk of disease.

9. Buy a good shoes. A goodpair of golf shoes is essential to allow you to enjoy your time on the course. There isn’t a right answer to the best design for everyone, instead there is a type of shoe to suit your preferences, body type and swing.

10. Practice some simple golf exercises. During the off-season or whenever you lack time to play a complete round of golf there are some simple indoor golf drills we can easily perform at home or in the office.

11. Don’t try to hit the ball lying nearto exposed tree roots or rocks. It can easily hurt your hands or wrists.

12. Don’t let golf increase your stress. You go to the golf course to keep away from the bustle and hustle of the city and the daily stress from your office. Enjoy your time on the golf course.

Have fun and safe out there!

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