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4 Reasons why you should spend your Christmas in Vietnam


Making an overseas holiday at Christmas time is the perfect way to experience a new culture’s take on the festival. Why don’t we celebrate this best time of year in Vietnam?

Here are 5 reason why you should spend your Christmas in Vietnam

Sunny days

May Christmas in your country inevitably features snow-dusted and extremely cold air. In the Southern Vietnam, 4 seasons are warm and sunny all year round, there’s some advices to be given for you to spend your Christmas Day on a sunny beaches. Vietnam has thousands of kilometers of picturesque coastline waiting for you to enjoy as you sip on your favorite drink, singing carols to yourself. Phu Quoc’s Islands và Nha Trang beach are popular choices.  


Food lover’s destination

Fun Fact: Vietnamese people love noodles. They eat them every day, sometimes for every meal

Vietnam has become more and more favorite destination for food lovers with variety of specialties. You will be so overwhelmed with receiving many local suggestions for everything from restaurants to street food stalls to eat when googling what to eat in Vietnam . There so also many favorite dishes to try, so  we will give the best Vietnamese dishes that you shouldn’t miss:


Banh Mi

Bun cha

Banh canh

Breathtaking Landscape

Getting in Vietnam around December might give you a different impression of what you have at home. One of this great experience is enjoy amazing landscapes that you can find nowhere. Homeland to an extensive collection of historical and cultural attractions, it is undoubtedly to name Vietnam as one of the most fascinating countries in Southeast Asia.

Christmas in Ha long bay

Christmas in Son Dong cave

Christmas in Hoi An Ancient Town

Christmas in Fansipan mountain

Best golf courses

Nevertheless, you can still get many exciting activities to get involved in your Christmas Holiday such as playing a round of Golf. Here are some suggestions for  your golf time in Vietnam during your Christmas Holiday from the South to the North.

South Vietnam

The Bluffs Ho Tram Strips

Da Lat at 1200

Central Vietnam

Ba Na Hills Golf Club 

Vinpearl Nam Hoi An Golf & Resort

North Vietnam

 Vu Yen Golf Courses

FLC Ha Long Golf Links

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