Ho Tram Open’s Champion

Congrat Sergio Garcia! What are you feeling right now?

It’s amazing, extremely special. I tried my best and luckily, I could play at the play off with three great golfers, it was not really easy. I needed a great luck to be the winner. I’m really happy but I know today I’m the winner but maybe the loser tomorrow.

What do you think about Himmat Rai?

I’ve never played with Rai, but I can say that Rai’s perfomance was very stable. He is still very young but he has very nice swings, as you can see although his second swing on the Hole 18 was very bad, the ball was trapped in a bush, but he used a very suitable club to bring his ball back to the green. In general, Rai has psychological stability and he is absolutely an experienced golfer.

Quick Interview With Garcia

What would you have done if your ball had been stuck in a bush like Rai?

That is a very large bush and I thought I must have lowered to be ablo to get the ball out. It was extremely hard but I thought Rai could make it. When his ball was in the bush, I had a feeling that the tournament would not be end right there as my ball fell into a sand bunker too, but I still had a belief that I’ll be the winner.

What is the difference between The Bluffs Ho Tram and link-styled golf courses in Europe? Do you have any problem with the heat and high humidity in Vietnam?

With each topography, I have to change my way of playing golf. But The Bluffs Ho Tram is an awesome golf course despite the windy playing condition. I come from Spain where it could be very hot or cold. I’ve been competing in many Asian tournaments. I see myself as an international golfer, therefore, I attend all tournaments that I can attend.

What do you like the most at the Ho Tram Open 2015?

This is a great week, when I was on the course, I always focused on every single moment of the competition. I felt good, felt I played decent all week. Not as spectacular here and there but I felt really comfortable, felt good and knew exactly what I was doing. Winning is never easy. I was fortunate and you have to be lucky to win. I was fortunate to get a second chance after I pretty much gave it away.

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