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Da Lat – Vietnam’s Best Golfing Enviroment


Dalat is a city located on Lang Biang highlands – part of the Central Highlands region of Vietnam. 1500m above sea level, a 30-minute flight from Ho Chi Minh City or 1.5-hour flight South from Ha Noi. You can not count how many different names that people use to call Da Lat.

. Le Petit Paris (Little Paris): A French man, Dr Alexandre Yersin discovered Dalat in 1893, the French colonial government then built the city as a resting place for Europeans in Indochina at the beginning of 20th Until now, 2500-odd chateau-style villas scattered around the city.

. The city of flowers: With its year-round cool weather, Da Lat is very famous for many kinds of beautiful and gorgeous flowers. Flowers are in everywhere in the city, from large fields on the valleys to small corners or on the sides of the streets.

. City of Thousands of Pine Trees: Dalat’sspecific sights are pine forest, the city is surrounded by series of pine-covered hills.

. The City of Love: Its poetic scene and legendromantic love stories are very popular, the Valley of Love is the most picturesque and romantic sites in the  Da Lat is also the most popular destination for honeymoon.

. The City of Misty: DaLat’s distinctive mild climate along with misty weather constitutes a sense of ethereal beauty.

Da Lat Palace golf

Da Lat’s year-round temperate weather, standing in contrast to central & southern Vietnam’s otherwise-tropical climate, has led it to be nicknamed the “City of Eternal Spring”. The average temperature is 14 °C (57 °F) – 23 °C (73 °F). Da Lat is mainly influenced by the north-east monsoon in the dry season (November to April ) and the South-West monsoon in the rainy season (May to October). But only in Da Lat, you can feel four seasons in one day: spring in the morning, summer in the afternoon, autumn in the early evening, and winter at night.

When the North-East monsoon intermittently flows, Da Lat climate becomes dry. The sky is always bright, the weather is cool and comfortable, the average humidity reach lowest, about 82%. This is the best time for playing sports and tourism activities.

Golf is a sport that you have to stay outdoor until you finish your round of golf. You may walk around five miles and more than the daily recommended 10,000 steps when playing a game of golf. Treading the grassy terrain of the golf course burns more calories than a straightforward walk on concrete pavements.


Three golf courses in Da Lat: Da Lat Palace Golf Club, Da Lat at 1200 and newly-opened Sacom Tuyen Lam Golf Resort offer the best golfing enviroment for golfers. Dalat’s weather is perfect for golf. You can play all day in shorts and a polo shirt and hardly break a sweat yet still enjoy a cold drink at the end of your round. This is also the only place in Southeast Asia that you can enjoy golfing on the playing surface of Bentgrass, this special kind of grass has very thin blades that grow densely and can be very closely mown, resulting in a felt-like smoothness to the putting surface.

If you have been stuck in your office for a long time, let’s pack your golf bag and come to Da Lat, this is the perfect way to lift your mood and bring some healthy balance into your life by playing golf among one of the country’s most beautiful green spaces.

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