In the world that we’re living to day, football is known as the king of sports, many of the kids want to become a professional football player like Rolnado or Messi. Other sports like basketball, baseball, tennis are widely played by kids all over the world and parents see no harm in teaching a child how to shoot baskets or to throw a baseball… Meanwhile, golf is a difficult sport to learn, especially for children. Teaching kids how to golf requires a different approach than when teaching adults. It can be a real challenge, but let’s think about some benefits your children can get from playing golf.


Like many sports, golf can improve your child’s discipline, teaching that practice pays off. At first, they may swing wildly and miss the ball more often than they actually hit it, but with practice and patience, those wasted strokes will be a thing of the past.

There are a lot of different skills they will need to learn to become an experienced golfer. They will need to work on their swing, putting, driving, chipping, getting yourself out of the bunkers and a long list of other skills. Having the discipline to work on something over and over takes work and dedication.


Golf is a game of honor, trust and honesty. In the earliest surviving written rules of golf for a tournament played in 1744, it consisted of 13 rules. Rule number 8: “At Holling, you are to play your Ball honestly for the Hole, and, not to play upon your Adversary’s Ball, not lying in your way to the Hole

The game relies heavily on the honor system because no one will keep track of your strokes except you, and your party likely won’t follow you into the rough to make sure you don’t adjust the lie of your ball. You won’t regret introducing this concept to your kids at an early age.


Golf can be good for your health and your heart. Let your kids carry their own small golf bags, walking a nine-hole course can burn hundreds of calories. Playing golf regularly can help them stay fit and improve endurance. A recent study by the Karolinska Institute in Sweden showed that golfing generally adds five years to a person’s life expectancy. The game can become an effective support tool for encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Plus, the more time you and your children spend out on the green, the less time you’re spending indoors in a more sedentary environment.


Golf is just such a great sport to get into and can be played your whole life from the time you’re able to hold a club until the day your arms no longer let you swing. By teaching your kids to golf, you’re introducing them to a sport they may be able to play for the rest of the lives.

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