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Thousands Of Paper Lanterns Light Up Asia Park In The Mid-Autumn Festival 2015


Paper lanterns are special kind of lanterns that originate from China and Japan. It is made from paper or silk, with frame from bamboo or wood and a lit candle inside as a source of light. Modern paper lanterns have battery-operated lamps.

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One more festival is known for its use of paper lanterns and that is Mid-Autumn Festival that celebrates on the 15th day of the eighth month of lunar calendar. It is celebrated in China and Vietnam. There, paper lanterns symbolize sun, light and warmth, and prayer to the Sun to come back after the winter.

On August 29, Asia Park (Da Nang) officially opened the “Latern Road” of over 3,000 paper laterns claiming the title as the longest lantern road in Viet Nam. Around 100 talent artisans from Hoi An City where is very famous for its silk laterns, worked tiredlessly for a month to create thousands of large and small lanterns for the road.

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The light work encompasses 4 key combinations: Central area, Japanese Area, Indonesian Area and Singaporean zone.

Central area: center of the path features a giant dome with hundreds of paper lanterns hang on traditional bamboo frame. The special thing is that there are many mascots, famous cartoon characters in the world, etc. appearing in the form of lanterns bringing joy and fun for not only kids but also their families and adults.

light up Japan

There is also a Japanese Area arranged on the path, it is decorated with hundreds of lanterns featuring Japanese culture, especially the CARP lantern which symbolizes the strong, a leader of men. The dome from Chouchin traditional Lantern-Japan with 6 present are written onto the chōchin (a kind of ancient Japanese word).

light up indonesia

Other sections display artwork which reflects the culture of Indonesia and Singapore. Indonesian lanterns, coloured black and white, feature fine details. Meanwhile, the flaming red lanterns from the lion country of Singapore is the highlight of the area.

On the occasion Asia Park has officially launched 5 insanely fun outdoor games that you’ll want to play all day and night long.

  • Firefllies Forest: you’ll be lifted up high by strong axis arm 3.
  • Kabuki Truck do you revolve round the positive dimensional round the clock and up to high by the crane arm wing firmly in United Kingdom.
  • Ninja Flyer turn players into Ninja incarnation revolves round, wavy on-air as the Ninja of Japan.
  • Garuda Valley rail up to 0.25km along the bends sideways along the altitude changes will take flight as Tazan players to explore the forest on top of the mountain.
  • Coaster designed by the 360 degree circular coils, large rail length will provide thrills and excitement when the ensuing from a height of 33m and then poured down with the speed of 75km/h.

Numerous activities are being organized until September 27, including games, lion dance, and drum performances, to serve locals and tourists in Da Nang, especially children.

So, let’s pack your luggage and come to Da Nang in the Mid-Autumn Festival 2015.

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