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Whether you’re a beginner or dreaming of becoming the next major champion, let’s start buying a new golf club. There’ll be plenty of time to go after the latest, hot products on the market but at the beginning, make learning — and not buying — your priority. A new set of clubs can cost over $1,000. Understanding the basic guidelines for selecting new clubs will help you develop your imperfect skills with minimal expense.

1. You don’t need a full set of clubs:You’re allowed to carry as many as 14 clubs in your bag (the maximum allowed by the rules), but you don’t really need to use all of them. For a new golfer, a driver, a putter, a sand wedge and supplement those with a 6-iron, an 8-iron, a pitching wedge and a fairway wood or hybrid with 18-21 degrees of loft are enough when playing at any golf courses. Choosing the ”wrong” clubs it can lead to inconsistent in shots, slices, and a reduced distance.

2. Don’t just see, try before buying:you don’t buy a golf club just because you like it, you think that club is very well-designed and it can make playing golf become easier. Let’s remember, for anything, you have to try before buying. Try finding a dealer who is willing to let you try different clubs to see if they are what you want. Your success will be mainly based on both the look and the performance of your clubs. For example, avoid forged blades in favor of perimeter weighted ones because they will allow you to miss-hit a shot without consequences. Also, if you can find clubs with graphite shafts rather than steel, they will cut down on the vibration when you hit a bad shot.

3. The more loft, the more accurate:if you’re having trouble with your driver, get more loft. The higher-lofted driver is typically abetter choice for an amateur player. The extra loft generally means it will be easier to get the ball in the air and also can help to reduce side spin on miss-hit shots, so the ball fly straighter and more accurate. The degree of the loft angle of the club is relative to the vertical plane rather than the ground. So go for drivers with at least 10 degrees of loft and fairway woods that start at 17 degrees, not 15 degrees.

4. Take advantage of clubs made for beginners: what are the best golf clubs for beginners? Many golf club sets are specifically designed for certain skill levels, so if you only have a week’s experience of playing golf, don’t buy the clubs that Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy are using, please ask the Pro Shop owner which one is the best for beginners. Select clubs that have perimeter-weighted heads because they will be more forgiving due to having an expanded “sweet spot.” Although they are more expensive that steel shafts, graphite shafts are ideal for the beginning golfer. Because they are lighter, more of the club’s weight is in the head making it easier for you to swing the club a bit faster.

Finally, understand that as you gain experience in golf, you will probably begin to form strong opinions about which brands and types of golf clubs are best for you. Most golfers do. And those opinions will guide you in any future purchases.

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