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    Summer Heat Cool Off At The Vung Tau Beach City


    Every day during summer season, while many people head for a pool, beach or simply the indoors. If you’re looking for a different escape from the summer swelter, why don’t you head off to the golf course?

    Vung Tau is a city in Southern Vietnam. It is 125 km from Ho Chi Minh City, and is a popular destination for weekend trips from HCMC. The city enjoys a spectacular location on a peninsula, with ocean on three sides, and the light and sea air makes it a refreshing break from sultry Saigon.

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    Play 2 rounds of golf at two of the best golf courses in the South of Vietnam: Vung Tau Paradise Golf Resort, Ho Tram – The Bluffs and enjoy the luxury accommodations. This package is a true value for the avid or casual golfer.

    Vung Tau Paradise Golf Resort

    Vung Tau Paradise golf course which is one of the earliest golf courses in Viet Nam, is built on a gentle-slope terrain with hollow and deep places that create different steps and levels for sight.

    Vung Tau Paradise Golf

    The 27-hole golf course is designed based on the ball direction of the world’s champions and it is reproduced under shape of the golf courses that used to welcome presence of famous persons. Therefore, each style of golf course has different length, dimensions and shape.

    The white sand beach where is just about 5 minutes on foot is waiting for you when you finish with golf. Your Vung Tau golfing journey will be unforgettable.

    The Bluffs Ho Tram Strip, 18-holes links golf course designed Greg Norman bearing the name “The Bluffs”. With a breathtaking views of exotic beaches, this place have been through 1 year since the its opening in 2014 and quickly state its name to be a high class golf course for any golfers who love different challenges in Vietnam.

    The Bluffs Ho Tram Strip has some of the best geographical traits for a top golf course layout. Whatever your ability to play, you will find the yardage and challenge to fit your game.


    The first time Greg Norman visited The Bluffs Ho Tram Strip in 2013, he said the site here is one of the two best that he’s ever seen (the other site is Doonbeg in Ireland).

    lan rung resort

    With 72 European styled deluxe rooms equip with many modern amenities, Lan Rừng Resort & Spa is the best hotel you can get at Vũng Tàu. Its restaurant situated near the beach not only offer a great view for dinner but also the varieties in menu from the popular one to seafood exclusive adding the famousness to Lan Rừng Resort & Spa. The integrated Spa section will provide you with different spa services like: herbal therapy, massages, steam bath & Jacuzzi pool will make your stay at this resort become one of the best pleasant experience you ever have when visiting Vung Tau.

    lan rung hotel vung tau

    Tips for Staying Cool on the course in summer

    Sip constantly to prevent yourself from becoming dehydrated, take a cart to limit physical exertion, as you’ll already be sweating, and stay in the shade when you can.

    Wear light-colored clothes, such as blues, greens, or yellows, try to stay away from black, navy, or dark green. Bring a hat, or even a “soaker” hat to help keep your face and head protected from the sun, not to mention to provide you with some shade in areas where natural shade isn’t available. Bringing along or having access to wet, cold towels that you could place around your neck will help keep you cool. Be sure to bring along sunscreen and apply liberally—getting sunburned is not only bad for your skin, but will be uncomfortable.

    The best time of day to go is early in the morning. This way you’ll still get to experience some of the coolness that took place during the night and you’ll be off the course before things really start heating up. The earlier you can get out there, the better, and you’ll be safe inside or lounging by a pool by the time that sun works its way across the sky and heats the course up.


    Day 1: You will play 1 round 18 holes at Vũng Tàu Paradise Golf Resort. After finishing, check in at Lan Rừng Resort & Spa then rest. Free night exploring.

    Day 2: After breakfast, the car will transfer to Ho Tram to play 1 round here. Check out in the afternoon then head back to Ho Chi Minh City.

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