Tet Nguyen Dan – Lunar New Year of Vietnam is the most important holiday, just like a combination of Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve and Christmas in one. This time of the year is the best, when people is in a very festive spirit, the weather is pleasant, flowers, decorations and cheerful music are everywhere. So, well-prepare yourself if you plan to visit Vietnam in this special occasion.

  1. Advance your booking

The fact is, there are abundant of accommodations in Vietnam during Tet, because most domestic comes back to their hometown and doesn’t travel much those days. Although tourists have wide ranges of options, an advanced reservation is still necessary in case of sudden changes in availability and prices.

The opposite goes to transportations. The cost will be very high due to a greater demand. Trains and buses maybe overbooked and delay happens more often, especially for famous destinations: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, Nha Trang… Remember, the worst time to travel is 2 days before and 3 days after Tet! Therefore, make your booking as early in advance as possible.

  1. Less indoor – More outdoor:

Many tourist sites and services will be off for at least 3 days during Tet. So let just don’t put museums, mausoleums, exhibitions, art houses, historical sites… in your schedule, or check them out few days before Tet.

A great news is that, beaches, streets, parks and many other places would be vacant and comfortable. It such a good chance to explore small corners of a city which is normally crowded and busy.

  1. Eat something new!

Notice that some traditional food stores and kiosks would be closed during the celebration, but there are still some places catering for tourists throughout. Wet markets still open but only with a few vendors. Tet is a great time to try various traditional cuisines such as Banh Chung (stuffed sticky rice cake), Banh Day (round sticky cake) and vegetable pickles, which are usually not available elsewhere or else-when. There is nothing better than being invited to a Vietnamese meal in this period of time!

  1. Active to be festive!

There is a variety in Tet festivals, events and customs that you may want to join in. Each region has its own way to celebrate, so read over the introductions to find out what you like the most. Some featured ones are: Huong Pagoda Festival (Ha Noi), Spring Opening at Tran Temple (Nam Dinh), Traditional Wrestling competition (Hue), Dong Da – Tay Son traditional games (Binh Dinh), Flower Festival (Da Lat)… All is very unique and typical for Vietnamese culture, especially very fun to join!


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