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Legend Hill Golf Resort – Golfing At The Land of Legend


Legend Hill Golf Resort is 30km Northeast of Hanoi and is located adjacent to the Sóc Temple – where Phù Đổng Thiên Vương or Saint “Gióng”, one of the “Four Immortals” in Vietnamese religion, is worshipped.

Phù Đổng Thiên Vương is a mythical folk hero of Vietnam’s history and one of The Four Immortals. The boy Gióng grows in size to be a giant hero, who rides on a iron horse leading the Văn lang to victory against invaders.

Between 1718-1631BC, the setting occurred during the 6th King Hung Dynasty – Hùng Vương where a war wages with the invading An tribe. In the small town, there was a poor, yet hardworking couples who wished to bear a child. One day, the wife fitted a big feet printed on the farm, and magically became pregnant.She gave birth to a son named Giong and at three years old, he was unable to talk, smile, or walk.


Due to the attacks by the Ân (Yin), the king sent out messengers to call his subjects to arms. Gióng unexpectedly gained the ability to talk and ask his mother to see one of the messenger. He requested the king to arm him. the villagers fed Giong and he grew instantaneously into a magnificent man. Simultaneously, the king’s blacksmiths worked hard to forge Gióng a set of iron armour, an iron sword or whipping rods and an iron horse. Adorning the gears, he rode out on the iron horse and defeats the An invaders. After defeating the An (Shang or Yin Dynasty, China), Giong and his horse ascended to Heaven.

Now beside welll-known for its legend, Sóc Sơn will have the first “twin gree” golf course in Vietnam. There is convenient fast access from Hanoi (30 minutes driving) and the International Airport at Noi Bai (10 minutes driving).Legend Hill Golf Resort is the first golf course in Vietnam designed by Nicklaus Design (US) founded by the legendary golfer – Jack Nicklaus, winner of 18 major championships and nearly 300 golf courses worldwide. Nicklaus Design golf courses have hosted more than 600 professional tournaments, including one of the US PGA Tour’s Flagship events “The Memorial”.


The amazing beauty of the mountainous area of Soc Son and the investor’s innovative philosophy to produce a golf course designed with the concept of “twin greens” has been a source of inspiration and challenge for the Nicklaus Design team. Golfers will, for the first time ever, have the unique experience of playing an 18-hole golf course with 36 greens complexes offering the most variation of course set up of any in Vietnam.

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Legend Hill Golf Resort surrounds a luxurious complex of villas and low-rise buildings arranged in groups, the shape and structure solution of which are compatible to the contour line of mountain slopes and lakeside curves. In combination with the system of yards, garden, trees, waterfront, which are all in harmony with the natural landscape. The golf course and resort are landscaped with Royal Palms, Wild Palms, Island Date Palms, Scholaris, Narium Oleander and other varieties. Both the golf course and the ancillary area are harmonious with the nature.

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