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FLC Quy Nhon Golf Links


FLC Quy Nhon Golf Links – one of the categories of golf courses, resorts, villas and high-end entertainment FLC Quy Nhon, located on the famous beach colony Eo Gio, Quy Nhon City.

This is the product of a combination of two leading companies in the design and construction of golf courses from America: Nicklaus Design and Flagstick, built in record time – five months, FLC Quy Nhon Golf Links become a place to explore of many local and foreign golfers.

FLC Quy Nhon Golf

With harmonious combination between the unique design of the golf course and the romantic scene of Nhon Ly coast – which is considered to be the sunrise and sunset most beautiful Vietnam.

Includes 18 holes, golf FLC Quy Nhon Golf Links are many opinions among specialists evaluated as one of the most beautiful golf courses in Asia.

FLC Quy Nhon Golf club

Each hole at FLC Quy Nhon Golf Links has it own story, with the scene between the pines, sand dunes and majestic ocean. From the golf course, golfers will have sight view over vast sea, admire the natural sand dunes, poetic with full of sunshine and a cool breeze. Besides, the challenge from the sea wind and terrain will create engagement for the golfer wants to conquer. This is definitely a new experience was unforgettable in the golf.

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Address: Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh, Viet Nam

FLC Quy Nhon Golf course

FLC Quy Nhon Golf Links course


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