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Amber Hill Golf & Resort


Looking for a golf course that offers a great summer experience? Look no further than Amber Hill Golf & Resort, conveniently located just an hour’s drive from Hanoi. With 27 beautiful and challenging holes, our course is the perfect choice for players seeking a fun and relaxed game. We pride ourselves on providing excellent facilities, including a fully equipped restaurant and golf shop, all of which are well-maintained and cared for.

Here, we’re known for our natural beauty and unique features, including the “Tiet Son – Pedal” landscape and distinctive golf course design. Whether you’re looking to test your skills or simply enjoy the summer atmosphere, our golf course promises a memorable experience.

But Amber Hill Golf & Resort isn’t just for golfers. Our impeccable services and facilities have made us a popular destination for tourists seeking relaxation. Our resort villas are designed to meet modern, high-class international standards for comfort and luxury. We also welcome groups of guests who come to admire the stunning landscape.

One highlight of our resort is our food culture. Our restaurant serves a variety of dishes, including traditional Vietnamese, Asian, and European cuisine, as well as specialties from Bac Giang.

For an unforgettable golf experience, we highly recommend Amber Hill Golf & Resort. Contact Vietnam Golf Tours now to book your tee times.

Address: Tien Phong, Yen Dung, Bac Giang, Vietnam.
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Hotline: 0909 993 523

Email: golftravel@unigolf.vn

Website: Vietnam Golf Tourism

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