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Amazing Hue – 3 ideal places for history and culture seekers.


Hue is a cultural city located in central Vietnam which is packed with temples, pagodas, tombs and palaces with impressive architectural features. Situated along downstream of poetic Huong River, Hue embraces its timeless beauty. Everything in here is harmonious and amazing. This is a must-visit city in Vietnam,  especially for history and culture seekers.

Hue Nostalgic Grace

Back to history, Hue used to be a national capital of Great Viet when the Kings of the Nguyen Dynasty built their feudal capital along Huế’s fertile riverbanks and atop its forested hills. That is reason why if you mention Hue, Vietnamese usually thinks about Imperial Legacy. Needless to say, Hue Nostalgic Grace is the most must-see things for visitors in Hue.  

One of the most famous places that visitors should set foot on is the Imperial City which is the walled fortress and royal palace. As having great value in history, culture and architecture, this complex of monuments has been recognized as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Nguyen King’s Tombs

Nguyen King’s tombs hold the feeling of a forgotten and mythological world. You’ll discover the tombs don’t just embody the lives and souls of the Nguyen Kings but also reflects their owner passion and art, religious beliefs, ideology and  philosophies.

You need to spend at least two days to be able to visit all the tombs. If you’re short on time, select the tombs that appeal to you, and take time to absorb their distinctive allure.   

Gia Long Tomb

Minh Mang Tomb

Thieu Tri Tomb

Tu Duc Tomb

Duc Duc Tomb

Dong Khanh Tomb

Khai Dinh Tomb

Half a day is usually enough to see two or three tombs, depending on their size and location. The architecture is religious, unique, colorful, embracing historical values and also a great photo opportunity that you shouldn’t miss.

Thien Mu Pagoda ( (Heavenly Lady Mountain)

Nowhere is Huế’s serene atmosphere more penetrating than in its pagodas and monasteries. The oldest pagoda in Hue is Heavenly Lady Mountain. This is ranked as one of the twenty most beautiful landscapes in Hue. Along the flow of time, the sound of Thien Mu Pagoda bellring seems to be the sound of Hue. Ever resounding over the Huong River flow winding its way to hearts and minds of Hue people and visitors to Hue, recalling of an  ancient capital with so many of stories to tell.

Not only embracing its beautiful architecture but also valuable antiques of both historical, artistic values and priceless statues such as Ho Phap, Thap Vuong, Di Lac Buddha, the three Buddhas symbolizing Past, Present and Future Lives.

Let’s come and feel the iconic seven-tiered tower of Thien Mu Pagoda as well as seeking for knowledge in the time when the development, prosperity and spread of Buddhism were at the edge of glory in Vietnam.  

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